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LED Indoor Illuminations

The application of LED street lamp in the village road and pavement should be strongly recommended, it is superior to other light sources in energy saving. Its color rendering index is superior to the high voltage sodium lamp, which is helpful to identify other objects.

Indoor illumination uses straight tube LED lamp to replace the straight fluorescent lamp. At present, we still do not have the condition, mainly because that the price of LED is high, the cost performance is lower than straight fluorescent lamp, and it is hard to promote the further application in the short term. However, it is just the matter of time, with the improvement of white LED efficiency and the decrease of the price, the indoor functional lighting will be widely applied. Because LED lamp has its own particular advantages, such as no frequent flash, convenient dimming and controlling, optional power. It is easy to satisfy the energy saving requirements of LPD value.

At present, it is most applicable in the places such as staircase, pavement, toilet, underground garage and other places. It is very beneficial to use the infrared and microwave control technology to control the ever-burning lamps. The investment capital can be recovered soon. It is also helpful for carrying out the major policies of the country’s energy consumption and pollution reduction. There exist very serious problems of electricity wasting in hotels, offices, communities and other public areas. On one hand, most of these places are multi-layer and high-rise buildings, the stair lamp is basically not included in the taximeter. Although some is included in the taximeter, the costs are shared. There are lots of long-burning lamps such as the pavement lamps, stair lamps and toilet lamps. On the other hand, the indoor decoration basically adopts lanterns and lamp chamfer with high energy consumption, even the incandescent lamp lighting source with high energy consumption. Thirdly, the lamps in the underground garage are basically the long-burning lamps, which may cause the consumption of the energy and resources. If we take measures for the three points, the yearly electricity saving is remarkable.

For example, in the underground garage, we combine passive mobile infrared sensors or microwave sensors, intelligent controller and LED lights together, to achieve the illumination energy conservation of the underground garage. When someone or car is in the parking lots, LED lighting is full of power operation, which can meet the needs of the garage lighting, when no one or car free is in the parking lots, the lamplight is dormant, and keeps a low power lighting, maintain the minimum intensity of illumination required in the safety places. The illumination electricity saving effect is very significant.

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