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LED Component Certification Project

The certification of LED componets should test parameters as following:
1.The photoelectric performance( The curves of current, temperature, time)
Test Equipment: Integrating Sphere
2.Thermal properties test ( junction temperature, thermal resistance)
Test Equipment: T3ter
3.ESD Test ( during pre-test and post-test test L-V curve/LED particle have no punchthrough phenomenon )
Test Equipment: Electrostatic Discharge Simulator
4.Environment Test ( Thermal shock -40℃ 15min–125℃min transform time 20s ) 200 circulation.
Test Equipment: Thermal Shock Chamber
5.Storage at the lower temperature ( -40℃ 168H )
Test Equipment: constant temperature humidity chamber
6.Hot and humid test ( 85℃, RH85% 168H )
Test Equipment: constant temperature humidity chamber
7.Salt spray test ( salt solution PH6.5~7.2 (35℃) can light nomally )
8. Mechanical shock ( impulse speed 0.5ms, 5 times, 6 circulations )
Test Equipment: Mechanical impact machine
9.Life time test ( Ts=55℃, Ts=85℃, Ts=? ( decide by yourself )
Test Equipment: Integrating Sphere/ Thermostat

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