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LED BLU Standards

Growing market requires the LED BLU standards, which has been the hot topics in the industry.

Because LCD TV with LED backlighting has better color quality, better dynamic image, longer service life, and can achieve lower power consumption with the dynamic control technology in the area, the market share of LCD TV with LED backlighting expands unceasingly. In recent years LED back light has become one of the main application direction of LED, and also the focus of the industries of mainlandChina,Taiwan,Hong Kong. According to J.P. Morgan ‘s data, in 2010, LED back light in the application of LCD TV will rapidly grow, the market penetration will increase up to 22% of 2010 from 3% of 2009,  and is expected to reach 56% in 2011.

 Because the technology and industry such as the dynamic backlighting, sequential backlighting is still developing, standard has a huge impact on industry, so international standard of LED BLU have been the recent issues among Chinese, Japanese and south Korean industry.

At IEC TC110 annual meeting of September, 2007, IEC made a formal decision to establish an independent the project team which is directly under the jurisdiction of IEC TC110, especially for the LED back light concerned by the  global industry,. In subsequent years, though the  unceasing expansion and development, it has possessed  many international standard projects such as he testing method, the general standard, points standard, terms and symbol.Chinais now one of the core members who had participated in the draft work of the international standard IEC TC110 / PT62595.Chinahas three experts who has taken in the draft work of LED back light international standards.

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