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LED Backlight Standard

Our LED backlight standard is mainly organized and developed by the flat panel display technology standard working group of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). In 2008, Flat panel display technology standard working group proposed to our country the “liquid crystal display panels backlight” standard system, which includes a total standard of backlight, guide points of CCFL and LED backlight, as well as the optical, electrical, and colorimetric, thermal test method.

In the successive forum of strait information industry standard, LED backlight standards are always one of the important issues.Taiwanindustries have been very concerned the development of international standard, and express their opinions and suggestions through the mainland delegation.Chinafolk organizations and experts have maintained close communication with Taiwan Research institute and the related enterprises. The panel discussions of the Sixth Cross-Taiwan Straits Standard Forum held on the date of November24, 2009 have reached the following four consensus:

1, To co-complete the compiling of the “bright room contrast measurements” before the next forum on the base of the previous bright room contrast experiment, and bring it into the relevant standards when it gets mature.

2, To continue the research of the LCD module power test method, backlit module standard.

3, To expand exchanges in the new fields such as the flat TV structure, 3D display, touch screen and ebook display components.

4, To establish the feedback channels of LCD, OLED and BLU international standard communication.

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