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LED anti-static measures

The electrostatic breakdown device failures happens in imperceptible, LED damaged by electrostatic can’t use screening methods. The main measures for electrostatic are: static leakage and dissipation, static neutralization, electrostatic shielding and grounding, humidity and so on. The breakdown caused by electrostatic discharge is the most common and serious hazard of static in the electronic components industry, it divided into hard breakdown and soft breakdown. Hard breakdown cause the dielectric breakdown, burning or permanent failure in one-time; soft breakdown cause device with performance degradation or parameters decreased. In the LED production, prevent the static electricity properly direct impact on product yield, reliability and economic benefits. So it is necessary to establish a set of anti-static (ESD) production process and test process specification. The main measures include:

Each step,  implement preventive measures during the production, storage and transportation, such as use anti-static garments, gloves(but not wear nylon and rubber gloves), bracelets, shoes, pads, boxes, plasma fan, LED test instruments.

Use Anti-static bags during storage and transportation.

Take out the spare LED component do not stack together, try not to touch each other

Workshop ground should use carbon plastic, rubber or conductive carbon vinyl, resistivity eta < 105 Ω· cm or with static dissipative materials, resistivity in 105Ω·cm to 109Ω· cm

Install ESD protection device in LED applications.

Inspection cycle and precautions for anti-static performance: the table mat, floor, working shoes, working clothes, working containers for anti-static should be inspected at least once a month. And the wrist strap, air gun, fans, instruments should be inspected once a day. The temperature test, humidity and other factors should be considered when checking.




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