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Knowledge About Light Color

Color Trichroism:

Hue: The character of distinguishing colors is determined by dominant wavelength of color light. Lightness: The feel of eyes to the lightness degree of color. Chroma: The feel to the color purity, also called “saturation”.

Descrimination to the color is related to the light wavelength, it is discrepant to the sensitivity of the different color lights in the range of visible light wavelength by eyes, yellow-green light wavelength area is the most, where the human eyes feel quite comfortable.

Blend of color


Metamerism: Object color is relevant to the light spectrum power of reflected (transmission) light, but it’s not one-to-one correspondence, much lights make different light distribution of the light spectrum is also bring the same sense of color. The phenomenon of metamerism is caused by the lower distinguishing ability of human eyes, and metamerism makes the toning easy.

Three Primary Colors

Any color light can get from a mixed on basis of certain proportion which is no more than three appropriate primary colors, three primary colors are independent of each other, that means, any one primary color can’t generate by another two mixed.

Three Laws of Color Mixed

Law of complementary color: color A+ color A complementary color=white

Law of intermediary color: any two non-complementary colors mixed= intermediate color

Law of substitution: e.g. color A=color B; color C=color D; then, color A+color C=color B+color D

Additive Color Mixture—Colored light mix method

Definition: Two or more color lights with direct-mixed method or indirect to synthesize a new color light method.

Three primary colors of color light: CIE provisions: red light (700nm), green light (546nm), blue light (435.8nm)

Subtractive Color Mixture—Pigment mixing method

Definition:According to the feature of white light which is compound color light and colorant and selective to absorb color light, use two or more colorant to absorb the different color light from white light, so that to get the need color. Pigment three primary colors, cyan, magenta, yellow are respectively complementary color of light three primary colors, red, green, blue.

Hybrid Method to Compare Projects

Additive Color Mixture

Subtractive Color Mixture

Primary Color

Color Light


Primary Colors hue

Red, Green, Blue
R, G, B

Magenta, Yellow, Cyan
M, Y, C

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