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IP protection grade definition

IP means Ingress Protection. IEC IP protection grade is the key to the electrical equipment safety. IP protection grade system provides a method to analyze electrical equipment and the degree of dustproof, waterproof, and collision, this system has won the acceptance of most European countries, the IEC(International Electro Technical Commission) appointed the draft, and announced in IED529 (BS EN 60529:1992) outer protection grade (IP code). IP protection grade usually with two numbers to describe, the number used to clear the level of protection.

The first number indicates that the scope of the equipment against dust or the degree of people was injured in the sealed environment. I represents to prevent foreign matter into the solid level, the highest level is the 6; The second letter indicates the equipment waterproof degree. P is the waterproof level, the highest level is 8.

International industrial standard waterproof IP registration and Japan industrial standard JIS waterproof level is close, IP level also made provisions for dust control.

IPxx dustproof waterproof test level

0: No protection

1: To prevent large solid intrusion

2: Prevent medium-sized solid intrusion

3: Prevent small solid intrusion

4: Prevent solid (greater than 1 mm) intrusion

5: Prevent the harmful dust accumulation

6: Completely prevent dust entering

0: No protection

1: Water drops into the shell has no effect

2: when the shell inclined to 15 degrees, can not influence the water drops into the shell

3: water or rain water from the 60° angle drops into the shell has no effect

4: Liquid poured by any direction to the shell without damage

5: Wash with water without any damage

6: Can be used to the cabin environment

7: Can be resistant to flooding in a short time (1 m)

8: Can be submerged for a long time under a certain pressure

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