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Intelligent Lighting: The Structure and Composition of the System

According to the topological structure of the network, the intelligent lighting control system usually has the following two types: bus organization and star-dominated hybrid structure.

This system is generally composed of the system unit, input unit and output unit. In addition to the power equipment, each unit sets up the only element address, and sets the software function, and controls every load loop through the output unit. The various forms of units are briefly described as follows:

System unit: used to provide work power, the source system clock and various system interfaces, including the system power, all kinds of interfaces (PC, Ethernet, telephone, etc), and the network bridge.

Input unit: used for the external control of the signal transformation that will be transmitted on the network, such as the programmable multi-function input switch (switch on/ switch off, dimming, timing, soft start/soft shut off, etc), infrared receiver switch and infrared remote control (lighting dimmer or switch-on/ switch-off function), control panel of various types and multifunction (some provide LCD display and control mode, use soft keys to represent the page, graphics, text and picture, can do multi-point control, sequential control and store a variety of light modes, etc), all sorts of function sensors (for example, the infrared sensor can perceive human activities to control the lamps or other load switches, the luminance transducer), etc.

Output unit: the output unit of the intelligent control system is used to accept the signals from the network transmission, to control the output of the corresponding circuit to realize the real-time control. Output unit has various types of relays, dimmers, analog output unit, lighting dimmer interface, infrared output module, etc.

The system generally uses the centralized control and management, the distributed execution way. Namely it is equipped with the central monitoring center and the intelligent control of the lighting ark. The former has the control computer, the communication controller and other equipments which are used for the control and management of the whole system. Through the network, the control command can communicate with the programmable controller of the intelligent control cabinet. It can receive at the same time the automatic and manual work state, lamps on/off state from the programmable controller of the intelligent control cabinet, and take treatment measures in exceptional cases.

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