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Intelligent Lighting: The Reliability of the Control System

The system reliability involves the system structure, controller, fault-tolerance measurement and other contents:

(1) The structure of the control system has been improving with the development of the computer communication technology. It has developed to the fifth generation of the distributed control method from the fourth generation of the distributing control method.

The distributed control has the characteristics of completely controller structure, highly decentralized layout, highly automatic and intelligent controller performance, and has autodiagnosis and fault tolerant function. The information can be transferred at a high speed through a simple bus according to the standard protocol, therefore the distributed system structure is simple and reliable, and its design, installation, operation and maintenance are also very convenient.

(2) The reliability of the lighting controller is an important part of the controller device, the reliability of the key devices、circuit design and the protective measures directly influences the security and stability of the lighting lamps operation.

(3) In addition to the system structure, the reliability of the controller, some preventive measures should be taken to maintain the reliable and static operation of the control system so as to further improve the safety and reliability of the system. For example WatchDog monitoring software settings in the network can check whether the online communication of every controller is normal or not, once a controller communication is found to have the anomalies, the system will automatically handle them.

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