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Importance of LED Test Methods and the Standard of LED

In order to develop the LED lighting technology, developed countries have attached great importance to the test methods and the standard research of LED. For example the American National institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) organized the international well-known test experts to conduct the LED testing research and mainly studied LED lighting characteristics, temperature characteristic measurement and light attenuation characteristics, trying to build up a complete set of test method and technical standards for LED and to walk in the forefront of the world regarding the field of led testing .Japanhas established a “white LED test research committee” and devoted to the study of the testing method and technical standards of the white LED used for lighting. In order to seize the commanding heights of the LED study, the developed countries all over the world have spent a lot of manpower and material resources in the study of LED standard and LED test. They emphasize the study of LED characteristics parameters and test methods with regard to the standards. 

In our country, there is no corresponding national standard of the semiconductor emitting diode test method at present, so a great dispute has been caused frequently between different manufacturers and users. In recent years, China Lighting Association Photoelectric Device Professional Branch have organized academic discussion and exchange about semiconductor emitting diode test method may times. Many industry participants gradually formed a unity of understanding, and formulated the uniform industry standard SJ/T2355-2005 “semiconductor emitting diode test method”, which plays an important role in the exchange and contrast of the solar products of the industry. The standard not only adopted the CIE127-1997 method of “Measurement of LEDs”, but also combined with  the development needs of the white LED of power type used for lighting, increased the measurement method of the parameters such as the colour rendering index and led thermal resistance, provided a very important basis for the development of LED products.

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