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If you test high power small size HID lamp, how do you choose Integrating Sphere?

HID lamp refers to the general term for High Intensity Discharge lamp. High pressure sodium lamp, high pressure mercury lamp, xenon lamp, metal halide lamp belong to HID lamp.

We generally use Integrating Sphere Spectroradiometer Test System to test the photometric, colorimetric and electrometric parameters. Generally we suggest the diameter size of Integrating Sphere according to the size of lamp under test. If you test single LED or LED chips, we recommend small integrating sphere such as IS-0.3M or IS-0.5M. 1.2m luminaries should at least use D=1.5M integrating sphere to measure.

If you test high power small size HID lamp, how do we choose Integrating Sphere? If the power of HID lamp is over 200W, we generally recommend use D=2.0m integrating sphere, we will not suggest small integrating sphere because of small size. Because if integrating sphere is too small, cooling is not good, the temperature of integrating sphere will affect the test result.

As the leading manufacturer of lamp test instrument, we can provide all kinds of integrating sphere, from D=0.3m to D=3.0m, constant temperature and electric integrating sphere.

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