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IEC60598 General Requirements and Tests

With the fast development of electrical industry in China, manufacturing enterprises scale grows constantly, international electric safety standards apply more and more widely. Lighting industry standards are also widely used.

International standard IEC60598 general requirements and test cover classification of luminaries according to degree of protection against ingress of dust, solid objects and moisture, marking, mechanical construction and electrical construction. International Standard IEC 60598 specifies general requirements for luminaries for luminaries, incorporating electric light sources for operation from supply voltages up to 1000V such as Tungsten Lamp, Fluorescent Lamp and other Discharge Lamps. This part 1 covers all aspects of safety (electrical, thermal and mechanical).

Luminaries shall be so designed and constructed that in normal use they safely and cause no electrical shock or other danger such as fire disaster to persons or surroundings.

Prevent electrical shock test project:

Standard Test Finger

Insulation Resistance and Electric Strength Test, measures the insulation resistance between charged body and accessible parts and leakage current under high voltage. Lisun LS9935 Automatic Safety Test System can test AC withstanding voltage, insulation resistance, leakage current and ground resistance and power.

Resistance to Dust, Solid Objects and Moisture

Luminaries IP ingress, indoor generally design to IP20, resistance to 12mm solid objects, non resistance to water; outdoor generally design to IP44, resistance to 1mm solid object, all-round splash water. Iron, Copper, Aluminum or alloy should be rustproof, except that it will not cause leakage or overheat etc unsafe factors. Lisun JL-X waterproof test system can test IPX1~IPX8 grade. SC-015 is applied in LED or other luminaries for IPX5 and IPX6 test.

Standard specifies that luminaries should have sufficient mechanical strength; its structure should keep the luminaries safe after suffering severe operation under normal usage. Compliance is checked by the impact of the sample, impact test uses spring impact hammer IK level tester according to IEC60068-2-63. Lisun IK Level Testers fully meets standard IEC60068-2-63. Rough service luminaries shall have adequate resistance to vibrations, which can use Lisun LVD-100KG Electrodynamic Vibration Generator System to do the test.

Measure Creepage Distances and Clearances

The standard specifies requirements and tests relating to the resistance to heat, fire and tracking of certain parts of insulating material of luminaries.

Ball pressure test shall be made in a heating cabinet having a temperature 25 °C ± 5 °C in excess of the operating temperature of the relevant part determined during the temperature test (normal operation), with a minimum temperature of 125 °C when parts retaining current carrying parts or SELV parts in position are tested, and 75 °C for other parts.

Needle Flame Test
Parts of insulating material retaining current-carrying parts in position shall withstand the following tests:

The parts to be tested are subjected to the needle-flame test of IEC 60695-2-2, the test flame being applied to the sample for 10 s at the point where the highest temperatures are likely to occur, measured if necessary during the thermal tests. The duration of burning shall not exceed 30 s after removal of the test flame, and any burning drop from the sample shall not ignite the underlying parts or tissue paper

Glow-wire test
Parts are subjected to a test using a nickel-chromium glow-wire heated to 650 °C. Any flame or glowing of the sample shall extinguish within 30 s of withdrawing the glow-wire, and any burning or molten drop shall not ignite a single layer of tissue paper, spread out horizontally 200 mm ± 5 mm below the sample

Tacking Test
Insulating parts of luminaries, other than ordinary luminaries, which retain current-carrying parts or SELV parts in position or are in contact with such parts, shall be of material resistant to tracking unless they are protected against dust and moisture. Lisun TTC-1 Tracking Test Chamber is for luminaries tracking test.

Additionally, IEC 60598 standard expands the requirements of photobiological safety test, it is about UV radiation. Luminaires, intended for use with metal halide lamps for which protective measures regarding emitted UV radiation are required, shall be fitted with an adequate protective shield. Lisun EN62471-C LED Radiation Safety Test System is according to IEC60598 Annex P, this system is specifically for determining the risk in optical radiation.

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