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How to Measure the Immunity to the Electrical Fast Transient disturbance?

EFT is short for Electrical Fast Transient, which refers that the burst has specific duration (defined as 15 ms) and specific pulse period, and the single impulse from burst has specific repetition period, voltage peak, rise time and pulse width. The duration of burst is 15 ms, the pulse interval is 300ms, width of single pulse is 50ns±30%, the amplitude of pulse is 2KV, pulse rising time is 50ns±30%, pulse repetition rate is 2.5KHZ±20%. The interference time for positive and negative brust is 1 minute.

IEC61000-4-4 as the basic standard of electrical fast transient/bursts immunity measurement, which provide a common and repeatable standard to test the performance of power supply port, I/O and communicate port and cabinet earth port of the electrical and electronic equipments under the electrical fast transient/burst conditions. This standard gives out the test voltage waveform, test level, test equipment, requested test condition and etc.

The EFT test is applicable to all types of electrical and electronic device, which includes electric power tools, information technology, medical electrical equipment, luminaire, low-voltage apparatus, telecommunication terminal and etc. The EFT test judges the immunity of the EUT by simulating the reality effect of electrical fast transient burst on the EUT. According to IEC61000-4-4, EFT immunity test for power supply port, I/O signal port and data and control port has been classified into 5 levels: 1) Level 1. The voltage peak is 0.5KV; 2) Level 2. The voltage peak is 1KV; 3) Level 3. The voltage peak is 2KV; 4) Level 4. The voltage peak is 4 KV; 5) Level 5. User defined with special notes. And the test results shall be classified in terms of the loss of function or degradation of performance of the equipment under test: a) normal performance within limits specified by the manufacturer, requestor or purchaser; b) temporary loss of function or degradation of performance which ceases after the disturbance ceases, and from which the equipment under test recovers its normal performance, without operator intervention. c) Temporary loss of function or degradation of performance, the correction of which requires operator intervention; d) loss of function or degradation of performance which is not recoverable, owing to damage to hardware or software, or loss of data.

According to IEC61000-4-4, Lisun Electronics Inc. researches and develops the  EFT61000-4 EFT Immunity measurement.. The maximum output current of EFT61000-4 is 5KV, which can meet 4 standard test levels and set aside a custom special test level. In addition, the instrument has build-in three-phrase 20A coupling and decoupling network (CDN). Coupled network is electrical circuit for the purpose of transferring energy from one circuit to another, and the decoupling network is electrical circuit for the purpose of preventing EFT voltage applied to the EUT from affecting. The design meets the demand of IEC61000-4-4 absolutely, at the same time, this device also meets some region standards such as GBT17626.4 and EN610000-4-4 etc.

EFT61000-4 EFT immunity measurement is accepted by many electrical equipment manufacturers, like Capital Power Systems Ltd from India, SGS from Australia, World Testing Lab from Italy, TUV from German, Sharp from USA and etc. The reason why we can win so many trust and support from the world famous companies is because we always practice the motto right product, right price and right service. From the feedback, Lisun enjoy good reputation in the world market. And we will always provide the high quality products and superior service to all of our customers.

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