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How to do IK rating testing?

Products are allocated a certain IK rating, which determines how well they withstand impacts from other objects. Standards such as BS EN 62262, which deal with enclosure protection against external mechanical impacts, employ IK values to make these determinations about enclosure protection. In this case, the IK rating tester must perform the task.
Impact Protection (also known as “Kinetic Protection”) is a term established in international standards that defines the amount of resistance an electrical enclosure offers against mechanical impact. The K stands for “Kinetic” to distinguish it from the IP rating, which stands for “Ingress Protection.” An important consideration when choosing LED lighting for an area that is likely to be subjected to extreme conditions or attempted vandalism is the IK rating.
Electrical equipment enclosures are protected from external mechanical impacts by the IK level, which is a generally recognized digital code. Any piece of outdoor equipment, whether it is hung, buried in the ground, or simply placed outdoors, must meet appropriate IK criteria.
There are a lot of hard conditions in which these outdoor lights are used, so it is important to evaluate whether the lighting product shell has enough protection against these conditions. Fulfilling the needs of the industry and the country It is common practice to utilize a spring impact hammer or a free-fall pendulum to test a lamp’s IK rating. A Joule (IK rating) is a measurement of IK.

IK rating

Figure: IK rating tester

What do the IK Rating Numbers mean?
The mechanical impact protection level is denoted by the numerals after the IK. On a scale from 1 to 10, the higher the number, the more durable the product is, and the larger the energy impact, the more secure it remains.

How do we test for an IK Rating?
You may do this by injecting the needed joules into the cage. In a controlled setting, we perform these basic tests by “control dropping” predetermined weights from certain heights and angles onto an enclosure.
It is necessary to supply energy in accordance with the established procedure in order to ensure proper application of impact energy (joules). There are three consecutive strikes without bouncing in the same place. Each enclosure is subjected to a series of tests to verify that the IK rating is applicable to all parts of the product, not only the harder parts of the product.

Instrument for IK testing
According to IEC60068-2-75 Test Eha and Ehc, the IK mechanical impact test equipment may fulfill the requirements of IEC62262 as well as IEC60598, EN50102, G82423.55-2006, GB20138-2006, etc. It is used for mechanical impact testing on sheet metal, home appliances, luminaires, and more. The gadget may be shifted in any direction, as well as at any angle.
The mechanical impact test device can concurrently perform pendulum, vertical, and ball impact tests (at 50 mm and 100 mm) at one time. The pendulum swings with the pipe. LISUN provides the best equipment for IK rating.
An electromagnetic release is used in the vertical impact and ball impact tests to guarantee the hammer and ball fall vertically and instantly, respectively. The impact angle may be adjusted, and the test equipment can move left and right, back and forth.

Working principle
When all of the above steps have been completed, the sample is ready to be impacted, and the hammer is released.


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