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How to detect the EMC and reliability of LED system

LED has small volume, low power consumption, long life, environmental protection, low quantity of heat and other advantages, its rapid development is widely used in various fields. Among them, the long life is an important advantage of  LED. To ensure LED’s advantages, researcher and development personnel should ensure the EMC and reliability of LED systems.
1) Power system’s compatibility: LED lighting, power supply source system should have good compatibility, and LED lighting devices and systems must have a working ability in daily electrical environment.
2) LED lighting devices and the reliability of the system: To improve the reliability of the system, on the one hand, to improve the reliability of the component; On the other hand, to improve the reliability of system’s  wrong operation.
3) LED lighting devices and compatibility of the system: Electromagnetic compatibility include two aspects: electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic tolerance (EMS).

4) The electromagnetic compatibility test: Conducted interference, Radiated interference, Harmonic current interference, Electrostatic discharge anti-interference ability, Transient pulse interference resistance ability, Lightning surge anti-interference ability.

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