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How is the voltage dip generator used for voltage fluctuations?

Voltage fluctuations are created by the network’s constantly changing loads. The voltage dip generator is used for these fluctuations. The voltage dips and brief interruption immunity test generator are described in detail in IEC 61000–4–11.
When there are voltage dips and short interruptions, they are caused by problems in the network or in the installations. If two or more consecutive dips or interruptions occur, it is possible that they will occur.
Voltage fluctuations or interruptions may impair electrical equipment when powered by the mains. EMC tests, such as Voltage Dips and Short Interruptions, are used to replicate this situation. Since immunity or performance thresholds are determined, these tests fall within the umbrella of immunity testing.
You need to be aware that the test voltage does not need to be maintained for a certain period since the test standard does not notify you of the minimum performance criteria for the product.
However, it permits you to record tests at levels and times that aren’t included in the list. Adaptation to new circumstances that weren’t anticipated when the standard was developed makes it more useful than ever.

Voltage dip generator

Figure: Voltage dip generator

These events are unpredictable by their very nature and may be categorized according to how far they deviate from the rated voltage and how long they last. The response time of spinning machines and protective components linked to the power supply network may make voltage dips and short interruptions less abrupt.
Due to the numerous spinning machines that are linked to the mains networks, the voltage will only gradually diminish if huge mains networks are unplugged. This is because of the main networks. The spinning devices will function as generators and provide electricity to the network for a brief period.

Voltage dip generator
The power circuit and control card modules make up the two halves of the voltage dip generator. The power module includes a motorized variac, a transformer, switching devices, and a driver card. Voltage peaks and valleys are mostly generated by the PIC controller found in the control module. Users may also input their test requirements using the HMI (Human Machine Interface).
A motorized variac is utilized to maintain an appropriate voltage in the system. The increment and decrement relays are operated by the PIC signal to adjust the position of the variac. A series of bidirectional switches links the multi-tapping transformer to the load.
LISUN can provide the best voltage dip generators.

The testing equipment’s reaction to varying AC voltages is described in detail in the IEC 61000-4-11 standard. On the other hand, additional information from other standards is required, in addition to the system manufacturer’s in-depth familiarity with his needs.
If testing is done correctly, the final product may be a system that is more compact, has lower operating expenses, and can be made available on the market in a more timely manner.

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