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Green Lighting and Environmental Protection

In the 1980s, facing the world energy crisis and the rise of global environmental protection, the energy saving and global environment protection will become the consensus of all mankind.

In January 1991, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) first puts forward the “Green Lights” and “Green Lights Program” concept. It soon got support from the UN. Many developed and developing countries took positive attention and corresponding policy and technology measures to promote the implementation and development of Green Lights Program.

 In November, 1993, the State Economic and Trade Commission started the China Green Lights Program, and in 1996 listed it as a national program.

Our country is a country of large population and relative shortage of resources. In modern construction, we must implement the strategy of sustainable development and adhere to the family planning and environmental protection as the basic state policy, correctly handle the relationship between the economic development and the population, resources, and environment, promote simultaneously the resource development and conservation, and give top priority to the conservation to improve the efficiency of resource utilization.

Lighting power consumption comprises a large proportion of gross generation in various countries. At present, our country lighting power consumption occupies 10-12% of the national gross electricity. In 2001, the national gross electricity gets to the tune of 1.43325 trillion kw hours (c), the yearly lighting power consumption gets to 1433.25-171.99 billion degrees, which is about twice the Three Gorges Hydroelectric Project under construction rushed into power generation capacity (84 billion degrees). Therefore, lighting power saving has important meaning. On January 1, 1998, China promulgated the energy conservation law, including illumination electricity saving.

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