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Flashing Effect of the Light Source and the Measuring Method|Part4: Measurement of Flashing Degree

In this experiment, we use PR-110B transient photometer to measure the luminous flux of all kinds of light source, and calculate the fluctuation depth to compare the flash intensity of all kinds of light source.

PR-110B transient photometer can scale luminous flux by user self. its major performance and technical figures as following:

1. Light current measuring range: 0.005×10-7A~2000×10-7A; measuring range for luminous flux depends on the sensitivity of light collector and detector.
2. User can scale and calibrate zero by keys on front panel.
3. Four and a half digit ADC accuracy, five digit nixie tube display.
4. 4 different ranges automatically switch between each other.
5. RS-232C parallel communication port available.
6. Grade: 1.
7. Rated work condition:
Temperature: 25±5℃
Humidity: ≤85%R.H
Power supply: AC220V±10V, 50Hz/60Hz
8. Permitted work condition:
Temperature: 0-40℃
Humidity: ≤90%R.H
Power supply: AC220V±10V, 50/60Hz
9. Store condition:
Temperature: -20~50℃
Humidity: < 90%R.H
10. Dimension: Wigth×Height×Depth (385mm×115mm×340mm)
11. Power: 15VA

In order to precisely measure the luminous flux, we put the light source into the integrating sphere. After the V(λ) calibration of the photo detector receiving signal, the output signal has been transformed into the circuit after the amplification, the light current signal outputted from the photoelectric detector has been transformed into the bigger voltage signal, AD commutator is used for sampling. Since the SCM loading and saving data is at a slower speed, we use the double mouth RAM and address circuit to make the photometer automatically save the data. After the sampling, SCM will read the data from the double mouth RAM, and send to the computer display management.

flashing degreee measurement

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