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Flashing Effect of the Light Source and the Measuring Method|Part4: The Evaluation Method of Flashing Degrees

Characterization of the light source flash intensity includes parameters fluctuation depth, scintillation index, and flashing percentage.

In this figure, Φm is the flashing wave value, Φ0 is the average flux, Q1 is the proportion of the part curve above Φ0, Q2 is the proportion of the part curve below Φ0.

light source flashing

Luminous flux fluctuation depth is the quantification of the light source flashing range. Light source flashing is the external expression of flux fluctuation; flux fluctuation is the direct reason of the light source flashing.

Flux of light blinking depth is fluctuation of amplitude quantification. Light blinking is the external expression of the fluctuation of the flux; flux volatility is the direct cause of light blinking.

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