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Flashing Effect of the Light Source and the Measuring Method|Part3: Flashing Harm to Human Eyes

Light source flashing has the stimulation effect on the human vision system, and will produce the uncomfortable feeling. People work or live in the sparkling light for a long time, which may affect the physicalhygience and mental hygiene. This stimulation effect or and influence may be connected with the light source flashing intensity, the frequency, the continuing role of time and longevity. This influence is often as slow as not cause the attention of people. However, with the high speed development of the electronization, people work in the condition of the exchange fluorescent light and the indicator screen display during the day; In the evening people live in the condition of the exchange fluorescent light and television fluorescent screen, even in the dazzling art light, so the influence of the light source flashing on the visual system is becoming an increasingly important issue.

The stroboscopic effect of the electric light source has caused serious prejudice to human manufacture, daily life, and physical and psychological health. It includes the following aspects:

1. Illusion will cause industrial injury accident: when the stroboscopic frequency of the electric light source and the speed (revolving speed) of the moving (revolving) object form the multiple relationships. Moving( revolving) state of the moving (revolving) object will produce electrostatic, inversion, slow moving(revolving) speed, as well as the cyclically repeated error vision of the above three states, which will produce the industrial accident. For example, machining industry machine operators mistakes the turning tool of positive rotation as the inversion. Emergency reversing operation will damage the work piece, tool, even the loss of life and personal injury.

2. It will harm the body health and affect the work: stroboscopic effect will cause the visual fatigue and migraine. Especially the machinery industry uses the high pressure mercury (sodium) lamp, and the light industry, food, printing, electronics, textile industry use the tube (inductive) fluorescent lamp lighting.

3. It will harm the teenager eyes and cause nearsightedness. The tube (inductive) fluorescent lamp lighting is widely used in household, school, and library. The primary and middle school students suffer the most, eyesight declines obviously.

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