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Do you know IPX9K?

For IP grade test, we know the regular level IPX1~IPX8, today we will introduce the IPX9K grade test.

In the Annex of standard IEC60529-2013 version, it introduces IPX9 High pressure and temperature water jet.


Brief description: Protected against high pressure and temperature water jets.

Definition: Water projected at high pressure and high temperature against the enclosure from any direction shall not have harmful effects.

Lisun JL-9K1L High Temperature & Pressure Jet Waterproof Test Chamber is according to ISO20653, DIN40050, IEC60529, IEC60598, IEC60335 and IEC 60034-5:2000 etc standards.

Water pressure value: 8~10MPa

Water flow: 14~16L/min

Water Temperature in Tank: RT~80±5℃

Test time: 30s (Pre-settable and adjustable), total 4 angles is 120s.

Angle of water ring: 0°,30°,60°,90°

Number of blow hole is 4.

Spraying distance: about 100mm~200mm

Rotation speed of test table:5±1r/min

Run time control: 1min~9999min (adjustable)

Test water: Pure Water and recycled.

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