Do you know about the Factors influencing the quality of LED lamps and Lumen Maintenance

LED as a new type of green lighting lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, admired by our customers, but the problem, it is a problem of LED lamps and lanterns have to face. Uninterrupted droop, the serious influence the usage of the LED lamps and lanterns.

Three factors affect the quality of LED lamps and Lumen Maintenance. First of all, choose what kind of LED white light. This is important, the quality of LED light can be said to be the very important factor. Second, the LED lamp bead working environment temperature.  according to single star LED light aging, LED white light if there is only one light work, at the same time, it’s environment temperature is 30 degrees, so, a single LED white light work of stent temperature not more than 45 degrees.This time, the service life of the LED will be ideal. So, we know that LED lamp bead ideal working parameters, just as much as possible in the design of lamps and lanterns, enhance the thermal conductivity, heat dissipation function.Anyway, the lower the temperature, LED the longer service life. Third, the LED lamp bead work electrical parameter design. Based on experimental results, the white light LED drive current under the condition of the lower, the smaller the emission quantity of heat, of course, and the smaller brightness. According to the survey, the design of solar LED lighting circuit, LED drive current generally 5-10 ma;Lamp bead with large number of products used in the lamps and lanterns, such as more than 500, or more, the drive current generally 10 to 15 mA, and generally popular application of LED lighting drive current, just 15 to 18 mA, seldom someone to over 20 mA current design.In summary, the LED lamp bead work the design of the electrical parameters according to the actual situation.

So, when you choose the LED lamps, please pay attention to these problems.

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