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Color Temperature and Brightness

Color Temperature (Color Temperature Meter

Unite: Absolute Temprature (Kelvin, K)

color temperature

Unite of color temperature is absolute temperature K. When heat one black body radiator, for example Platinum, color of the black body radiator will change from Red, to Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Cyan, Purple gradually. We can use this character of black body to definition Color Temperature. Color temperature is referring to the temperature when color of light is same to color of black body radiator. When Color Temperature is about 3000K, Light color is kind of yellow. When Temperature is about 5000 K, light color is kind of blue. Different kind of Color Temperature light has different Lighting visual effect. Different Color Temperature corresponds to different lights. Different wavelength will has different visual effects of color, from Red,Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Cyan, and Purple. The sensitivity of the eyes will be stronger along with wavelength. For example, in good lighting condition, the sensitivity of eyes to light of 550nm (Yellow) is 20 times as Red lights. That is the main reason why most fog lamps of the cars and the road of the lamps use yellow light. Color temperature is the measurement of the standard color temperature. Other than measure the brightness (Brightness Meter). Halogen lamp color temperature ranges from 2300 K to 7000 K; HID lamp color temperature ranges from 4200 K to more than 8000 K; The higher of Light color temperature, the worse penetrating power to the mist and rain (the less brightness). Big companies such as Philips has only produce color temperature of the highest 6000 K hid xenon lamp. The following is a different color temperature performance:

visible light spectrum

4200 K white with yellow, with the car hid xenon lamp

5000 K all white, the highest color temperature ofEuroperules

6000 K all white, with a slight blue

6500 K during the day in the sun

7000-8000 K white evident in blue

More than 8000 K blu-ray, poor penetrating character, recommended color temperature is 6000 K which is just the most white slightly start to blue color temperature, 6000K is the color temperature that eyes of human being easy to accept, not easy fatigue, improve security, however, halogen lamp is poorer.

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