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Classification of LED Chips

 1. Definition and characteristics of MB chips

Definition: Metal Bonding Chip; this chip belongs to the patented product of UEC.


(1) It is easy to dissipate heat by using the materials of high heat coefficient, Si is the substrate.

Thermal Conductivity:

GaAs: 46W/m-K
GaP: 77W/m-K
Si: 125~150W/m-K
Cupper: 300~400W/m-k
SiC: 490W/m-K

(2)The absorption of the substrate can be avoided by using metal to connect water bonding and substrate, and reflect the photons

(3)Electro conductive Si substrate can replace GaAs substrate, and has good heat conduction ability ( the discrepancy of the coefficient of heat conductivity can reach to 3 or 4 times ), which is more applicable in high drive current field.

(4)The bottom metal reflecting layer is helpful for the photometric ascension and dissipation.

(5)The size can be increased so as to be applied in high power area, eg:42mil MB

2. Definition and characteristics of GB

Definition: Glue bonding chip; this chip belongs to the patented product of UEC.


(1)Transparent sapphire substrate replaces the light absorbing GaAs substrate, its light power is over two times of the traditional AS ( Absorbable structure ) chip, the sapphire substrate is similar with the Gap substrate of TS chip.

(2)The chip gives out light all around, has good pattern figure.

(3)Its overall brightness has surpassed the level of TS chip(8.6mil).

(4)Double electrode structure is slightly worse than TS single electrode chip in terms of the resistance to high current.

3. Definition and characteristics of TS chip

Definition: transparent structure chip, this chip belongs to the patented product of HP.


(1) The production process of the chip is more complicated than AS LED.

(2) The reliability is excellent.

(3) Transparent GaP substrate doesn’t absorb the light, the brightness ( Brightness Meter ) is high.

(4)Wide application.

4. Defination and characteristics of AS chip

Definition: Absorbable structure chip; it refers to UEC AS chip, eg: 712SOL-VR, 709SOL-VR.


(1)Four quaternary chips, using NOVPE preparation process, the brightness is higher than the conventional chips

(2)Good reliability

(3)Wide application

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