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CE test consists of EMC test and LVD safety test

CE test consists of EMC test and LVD safety test


EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Test can be divided into:
1. Radiation : Space Radiation Chamber / Power Radiation Clamp / Open Field Test
2. Conduction
3. Power Harmonics
4. Voltage Flicker

EMS (Electromagnetic Tolerance) Test can be divided into:
1.ESD (Anti-static Radiation Testing)
2.EFT (Resistance to Impulse Noise Test)
3.SURGE (Resistant to Lightning Strike Surge Testing)
4.RS (Resistance to RF Radiation Testing)
5.CS (RF Conduction Resistance Testing)
6.Magnetic Field (Resistance to Power Frequency Magnetic Field Test)
7.DIP (Resistant to Voltage Fluctuation Test)
8. The Low-frequency Conductivity of Interference Resistance of AC Power Input
9. DC Resistance to 150KHz Continuous Conductive Interference

LVD Safety Test:
Electric / Magnetic Radiation Emitted;
Electric / Magnetic Radiation Immunity;
RF Transmitter / Power Harmonic Conduction Emission;
RF / Electrical Fast Pulse / Surge Conducted Immunity;
Direct / Induction Electrostatic Discharge;
The Input (Power or Current);
Normal Temperature;
Mechanical Testing;
Constant Temperature and Humidity (Tidal State);
Electric Shock;
Abnormal Test: Motor Stall, Blocking Vents, Abnormal Temperature Rise;
These are conventional EMC and LVD test, project engineer will make the appropriate item test based on the actual situation and needs.

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