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Basic Knowledge of LED Color Temperature

In the specifications of the LED products, an important data is the color temperature which is related to the displayed color features of the LED lighting products, generally, almost all of lamps and lanterns have the specification of the color temperature.

Color temperature measurement unit is KelvinScale, namely K. In the beginning, Kelvin observed that metal shined and showed different colors when the metal was dissolved to the highest temperature in the steel mill, and he record the data, and then, the specification table of the color temperature produced.

1.The definition of color temperature:
Remarked in the form of absolute temperature (K), namely, when heating the standard blackbody, the color of blackbody began gradually change from scarlet to pale red, to orange, to white, and finally to blue, and we called the absolute temperature of the blackbody as the color temperature of the light source when the color of a light source was the same with the blackbody.

2.The color temperature of different light source:
Below is the color temperature of different illumination lamps and environment.
Halogen lamp 3000 k
Tungsten filament lamp 2700 k
High pressure sodium lamp 1950-2250 k
The candle light 2000 k
Metal halide lamp 4000-4600 k
The cool camp light 4000-5000 k
High pressure mercury lamp 3450-3750 k
Warm color fluorescent lamp 2500-3000 k
Clear 8000-8500 k
Cloudy 6500-7500 k
Midday sun in summer 5500 k
The afternoon sun 4000 k

3.The color of the light under different color temperature:
A.Low color temperature: color temperature below 3300k. smooth color slants red give warm feeling with sedate atmosphere. When usingh the light source with low color temperature, the red becomes more lively.

B.Medium color temperature: color temperature among 3000-6000k. The so called “neutral” color temperature because people have no specially obvious visually psychological effect and with refreshing feeling when under the color. When usingh the light source with medium color temperature, the blue becomes more cool.

C.High color temperature: color temperature more than 6000k. With blue light color, giving a person cool feeling. When using high color TPS light, objects feel cold.

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