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Basic Environmental Test for Luminaire

During World War II and after the war, Western countries, especially the United States, have established a series of environmental testing ground, laboratory and developed environmental testing standards. Required by the US military, all weapons equipment, parts, materials, and ammunition must be sent to the environment laboratory to simulate environmental testing, and then sent to environmental testing ground to do field environment test. Only those through all these tests can be officially delivered troops to use. The US military has put environmental testing as part of the Test and Evaluation Work. Currently, foreign environmental testing has been standardized, and many countries have developed environmental testing standards, and which are all similar. These tests are mainly covered by IEC60068 standard.

The test ground of environmental testing shall be broadly representative, and should close to simulate tests as possible as much. In selecting simulation test project, engineers should analyze the concrete requirements of the test subject. They should make the selection represent the main environment, at the same time, speed up the test and save money. According to IEC60068-2 (GB2423) Electric and electronic products environment test part 2, the Environmental testing of Electrical and electronic products including climate environmental testing and mechanical testing. Mainly are high and low temperature (humidity heat test), salt spray test, impact test, vibration test, IP protection grade test and other tests. So the basic environmental tests which lighting manufacturers need also includes these main aspects, the following are details about the main requirements and purpose of these tests.

High and low Temperature test: This test mainly achieve through high and low temperature test chamber, applied in the reliability test of high and low temperature for industrial products. For the products related to electronic electrician, aerospace, colleges and universities, scientific research units, the chamber can test the performance indexes of the spare parts and materials under high and low temperature (alternating) cycle. This chamber has a wide range of temperature control, it can perform low temperature, high temperature test and constant temperature test for products. Test chamber would use different procedures to make the test more close to the natural climate, so as to simulate more harsh natural climate, so that the reliability of the measured sample is higher. The 2th chapter in Part 2 of IEC60068 described the detailed test case. Lisun developed the GDJS/GDJW series High & low temperature and Humidity Test Chamber, which are fully comply with the standard LM-80, IEC60068-2-1(GB/T2423.1)and IEC60068 (GB/T2423.2), etc. It can be applied in the test for CFL/LED lighting industry. In addition, it can also be used in the electronic products, electrical components and materials and other fields.

Salt Spray Test: Salt spray test achieved mainly through salt spray machine. Products should go through salt spray test to test its corrosion resistance. Salt spray refers to the dispersion system composed by tiny droplets of salt in the atmosphere. Nowadays, in order to simulate the destructive of the product caused by the climate surrounding marine, here comes the salt spray chamber. Salt spray test is divided into neutral salt spray and acid salt spray, the difference lies in the different standards and test methods need to comply, respectively, said “NSS” and “CASS” test. Salt spray test is the most common test method in three anti-artificial climate. IEC60068-2-11:1981(GB/T2423.17-2008) fully described the requirements of test. According to the standard requirements of the salt spray test, Lisun developed YWX / Q-010 series Salt Spray Test Machine, which in full compliance with IEC 60068-2-11 (GB / T2423.17), GB / T10125, ISO9227, ASTM-B117 and other standards.

Impact Test: Impact test is generally used for military, civilian safety equipment, to test its reliability and validity when product subjected to an external force or impact action. Lamps impact test has ten levels, that’s IK01-IK10. IK01-06 can be achieved by the spring impact hammer, IK07-10 can be achieved by a impact pendulum. For different IK degree of protection, Lisun developed spring impact hammer and pendulum hammer according to the different IK degree of protection test. They are fully compliant with IEC60598 (GB7000) and IEC60068-2-75 (GB2423.55) standard. They are widely used in the lighting industry testing.

Vibration: Vibration test is to simulate the situation where product encountered with a variety of vibration environmental impacts during transportation, installation and use. In this way, to verify whether product has the ability to withstand a variety of environmental vibration. The vibration is divided into sine vibration, random vibration, composite vibration, scanning vibration, frequency vibration. The vibration system is mass elastic system which triggered by vibration excitation, such as machine, structure or its components, organisms etc.. The vibration test is mainly achieved through vibration test stand. Vibration test is to assess the resisting ability of components, parts and machine during the transport and use. The full test requirement can trace the 6th Chapter in Part 2 of IEC60068 standard. Lisun developed LVD-100KG Electrodynamic Vibration Generator System to perform the vibration test, which is fully meets the standard of IEC60068, IEC68-2-6 and other standards.

IP protection test: Protection system is drafted by the IEC, which classify appliance according to its characteristics of dust proof moisture. Objects here refers to the tools, the fingers are not accessible within electrical parts, so as to avoid the electric shock. The protection grade mainly described with IP followed by two numbers, the number use to definite the level of protection. The first number refers to the appliances dustproof, which is the grade to prevent the intrusion of foreign objects, the highest grade is 6; the second number refers to the tightness and waterproof ability to resist electrical moisture, the highest level is 8. the greater the number means the higher the level of protection. So the IP protection grade test consists of dustproof and waterproof to achieve tests. Lisun develop JL1-8 series waterproof testing instrument and SC series waterproof testing equipment according to the standard requirements, which are fully comply with IEC standards and have been widely used in IP protection test for luminaire.

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