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Automotive LED Light

Automotive LED Light

In China, cars are becoming more and more popular. With the development of automobile industry, automotive lights are also developing. Automobile lights have experienced Incandescent Light, Halogen Light and HID(High-Intensity Discharge) Light, to the current era of Automotive LED Light.

Automotive LED Light has many advantages:

  1. Energy-saving and Environmental Protection: LED directly converts power energy to light energy, power consumption is equivalent to one tenth of traditional lamp; it saves fuel consumption. LED spectrum is without ultraviolet and infrared, it has small glare. It does not contain mercury pollution. Waste can be recycled.
  2. Life is long. LED life is very long.
  3. Volume is small. Designer can change the lamp mode freely. Automobile style can be diversified.
  4. Performance is stable, seismic performance is strong.
  5. Reaction is fast and it does not require heat start time. It can prevent rear-end, which can ensure traffic safety.

Automotive LED light also has many problems to be resolved.

  1. Cost problem. The price of LED light is generally higher than other traditional light sources.
  2. Cooling problem. 80% of high power LED is converted to heat. If heat can’t be exported, it will make the temperature of LED interface too high, which will affect the product life cycle, luminous and stability.
  3. Luminous Efficiency problem.
  4. Electromagnetic Interference problem. Automotive electronic products are very sensitive to electromagnetic interference, especially the navigation system, wireless circuits and AM radio band machine.

As the leading manufacturer of test instrument, Lisun designed the EMS-ISO7637 Automotive Electronics Multifunctional Immunity Test System. This system is according to ISO7637, ISO16750, and GB/T 21437 standards, which is use for testing Road vehicles — Electrical disturbances from conduction and coupling.

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