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LISUN engineer visit Colombia to do installation and training for customer

This is a luminaries manufacture. They purchased a set […]

Germany – Installation and training for SC-015 Dustproof Testing Machine and JL-34 & JL-56 Waterproof Test Equipment

This customer is the leading German manufacturer and gl […]

Qatar – LISUN engineer provide installation and training services for LSG-1700B Goniophotometer, YWX/Q-750 Salt Spray Chamber, JL-56 Waterproof Jet Test Device

This customer is well known in Qatar and is the first L […]

Darkroom Design for a Goniophotometer

As the most important part of the lighting test, the ma […]

Comparative Evaluation between ANSI / IES Standards LM-79-19 and LM-79-08

Spanish version LM-79-19 download: ANSI/IES LM-79-19 Me […]

What is color difference SDCM and how to do the measurement?

Color difference is an important indicator of lighting […]

Characteristics of LISUN GDJS series High and Low Temperature Humidity Chamber

LISUN GDJS series High and Low Temperature Humidity Cha […]

Brief introduction of CE certificates

In recent years, the CE marks are more and more widely […]

IEC 60529(GB4208-2008)IP Protection Grade Waterproof and Dustproof test

IEC 60529 IP code is a coding system to indicate the de […]

Analysis on the Status of Certified LED Bulb in USA Energy Star

Energy Star certification (Energy Star certification) i […]

LISUN 3M Integrating Sphere Test Results Comparison

Lisun engineers visited Barcelona recently, this visit […]

LISUN Design 3m Electric Integrating Sphere

Summary: Compared with common integrating sphere, the a […]