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High/Low Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber Analysis in China Market

High/Low temperature & humidity test chamber is use […]

Application for IEC 60529(GB4208-1993)IP Protection Grade

IEC 60529 IP code is a coding system to indicate the de […]

Glow wire test

Glow wire test is to test the stability of electrical a […]

The Status of Integrating Sphere in China Market

IES LM-79 “Electrical and Photometric Measurement of So […]

How to choose the right goniophotometer according to the standard LM-79 and EN13032-1?

How to choose the right goniophotometer according to th […]

Lumen test difference between integrating sphere and goniophotometer

As well as we know that for the LED luminaires lumen te […]

Improve the accuracy of the LED flux testing in the Sphere

Abstract: According to the particularity of LED luminou […]

Types & Test Methods of Luminaires Goniophotometer

The most critical factor that affects the quality of li […]

EMI Measurement Application and Relative Test Standards

Along with the technical development, more and more dig […]

The Lighting Product EMC Problem and Testing Technology

LEDs and LED luminaires with high light efficiency, lon […]

What are EMC tests?

With the widespread use of electrical and electronic eq […]