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LISUN engineer visit Colombia to do installation and training for customer

This is a luminaries manufacture. They purchased a set of LSG-1200A Compact Goniophotometer and a M9822 DC Electronic Load from LISUN this time. This customer is very satisfied with our installation and training service, and praised that “LISUN is very professional!” Thanks for your trust, LISUN would continue offering the best products and the best service in the future. […]

Germany – Installation and training for SC-015 Dustproof Testing Machine and JL-34 & JL-56 Waterproof Test Equipment

This customer is the leading German manufacturer and global supplier of illuminants for emergency lighting, safety luminaires and general-purpose. The main purpose of this trip is to train the old German customer, who has a good reputation in Germany. This customer is LISUN old customer who has purchased the below equipmens from LISUN before: YWX/Q-750  […]

Qatar – LISUN engineer provide installation and training services for LSG-1700B Goniophotometer, YWX/Q-750 Salt Spray Chamber, JL-56 Waterproof Jet Test Device

This customer is well known in Qatar and is the first LED lighting manufacturer in Qatar. The customer first get know about LISUN at the Hong Kong exbihition and discussed some test equipment with our engineer. This trip to Qatar is mainly to install and training LSG-1700B goniophotometer, YWX/Q-750 salt spray tester and JL-56 Waterproof […]

Darkroom Design for a Goniophotometer

As the most important part of the lighting test, the main function of the goniophotometer is to measure the absolute luminous intensity. At the same time, it can measure other parameters such as lumen and illuminance. Because of the different testing principle, compared with the integrating sphere spectroradiometer system, the device is more suitable for the measurement of the […]

Comparative Evaluation between ANSI / IES Standards LM-79-19 and LM-79-08

Spanish version LM-79-19 download: ANSI/IES LM-79-19 Mediciones Fotométricas y Eléctricas de Productos de Iluminación de Estado Sólido (SSL) This article tries to make a comparative evaluation between ANSI/IES LM-79-19 Standard that has replaced ANSI/IES LM-79-08 that deals with the methods approved by ANSI/IES regarding performance, requirements technicians of photometric and electrical parameters of solid state […]

What is color difference SDCM and how to do the measurement?

Color difference is an important indicator of lighting lamps color performance. Color difference is the difference between computer calculation forma and the target standard, calculated by single lighting source, the value is smaller, accuracy is higher. Please note, it only represents the compared color of a light source, it can not detect the deviation under […]

Characteristics of LISUN GDJS series High and Low Temperature Humidity Chamber

LISUN GDJS series High and Low Temperature Humidity Chamber is according to IEC60068-2-1 (GB/T2423.1) and IEC60068-2-2 (GB/T2423.2). It is used to test the CFL/LED which meets IES LM-80-08, electricity products, electronic components, material and so on. There is some other manufacturers in China also produce High and Low Temperature Humidity Chamber, and our equipment is mainly different from the […]

Brief introduction of CE certificates

In recent years, the CE marks are more and more widely used in the market of European economic area (Member states of the European Union and the European Free Trade association, except Switzerland). More customs of different countries set out the requirements of CE certification for imported products. Exporter will be in trouble as well […]

IEC 60529(GB4208-2008)IP Protection Grade Waterproof and Dustproof test

IEC 60529 IP code is a coding system to indicate the degrees of protection provided by an enclosure against access to hazardous parts, ingress of solid foreign objects, ingress of water and to give additional information in connection with such protection IP code includes 4 digits, like IP23CH. IP short for ingress protection; numeral 2 […]

Analysis on the Status of Certified LED Bulb in USA Energy Star

Energy Star certification (Energy Star certification) is a certification which can adapt to the requirements of the United States Energy Department. In addition to UL, FCC certification, it is the most popular certification of lighting products to enter the United States market. UL reflects the goods safety performance, FCC reflects the electromagnetic compatibility of products, while […]

LISUN 3M Integrating Sphere Test Results Comparison

Lisun engineers visited Barcelona recently, this visit was mainly to install the 3m Integrating Sphere Test System for the customer and provide training service. This customer compared the test results of Lisun’s 3m Integrating Sphere Test System with the test results of Holophane(HEL) and LIA Laboratories. This customer provided 4 samples to the third lab. Compared with LIA Laboratories, our […]

LISUN Design 3m Electric Integrating Sphere

Summary: Compared with common integrating sphere, the all-new 3m integrating sphere has many improvements. LISUN engineers add the infrared anti-pinch device, the cross laser positioning and adjustable multifunctional holder base in the integrating sphere. The world famous company Sharp Laboratories of America and some other  European companies have purchased the 3m integrating sphere. Here are some […]