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The Lighting Product EMC Problem and Testing Technology

LEDs and LED luminaires with high light efficiency, longer lifetime, better energy saving and environmental friendly advantages to achieve top position on the lighting industry, like indoor and outdoor lighting application. With the introduction of various national support policies, there appeared many LED lighting products manufacturer, but the quality of LED lighting products is not […]

IEC 60529(GB4208-2008)IP Protection Grade Waterproof and Dustproof test

IEC 60529 IP code is a coding system to indicate the degrees of protection provided by an enclosure against access to hazardous parts, ingress of solid foreign objects, ingress of water and to give additional information in connection with such protection IP code includes 4 digits, like IP23CH. IP short for ingress protection; numeral 2 […]

What are PAR, PPF, PPFD and How to do the measurement

When LEDs arrived on the market, their tremendous efficiency and money saving potential changed the playing field and lumens, lux and candela finally became obsolete metrics for determining light requirements for plants. Recently, people began referring to PAR, PPF and PPFD as ways to measure light in photosynthetics lighting applications. The purpose of this article […]

LISUN Design 3m Electric Integrating Sphere

Summary: Compared with common integrating sphere, the all-new 3m integrating sphere has many improvements. LISUN engineers add the infrared anti-pinch device, the cross laser positioning and adjustable multifunctional holder base in the integrating sphere. The world famous company Sharp Laboratories of America and some other  European companies have purchased the 3m integrating sphere. Here are some […]