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High/Low Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber Analysis in China Market

High/Low temperature & humidity test chamber is used to simulate a actual temperature and humidity environment which it may caused any influence for surrounding objects,due to electronic products widely application in various occasions, in order to design better product which meet relevant environmental standards, the temperature and humidity test has become an necessary test items, […]

Application for IEC 60529(GB4208-1993)IP Protection Grade

IEC 60529 IP code is a coding system to indicate the degrees of protection provided by an enclosure against access to hazardous parts, ingress of solid foreign objects, ingress of water and to give additional information in connection with such protection IP code includes 4 digits, like IP23CH. IP short for ingress protection; numeral 2 […]

Glow wire test

Glow wire test is to test the stability of electrical and electronic products during working. And the hot wire itself is the resistance wire ring with fixed size. When doing test, the wire ring should be heated up to the specified temperature by electricity, so that the time when the top of the wire reached […]

The Status of Integrating Sphere in China Market

IES LM-79 “Electrical and Photometric Measurement of Solid-State Lighting Products” as the exclusive international standard for measuring the total luminous flux, electrical power, luminous intensity distribution and correlated color temperature (CCT), color rendering index (CRI) and other colorimetric parameters of solid-state lighting products (SSL), it highlights the total luminous flux of SSL products should be […]

How to choose the right goniophotometer according to the standard LM-79 and EN13032-1?

How to choose the right goniophotometer according to the standard LM-79 and EN13032-1? There is a wide range of goniophotometers on sale in the market, including central rotation type, rotation mirror type, double mirror type and so on. How to choose the corresponding goniophotometers for the tested lamps becomes the most important problem for the users. This […]

Lumen test difference between integrating sphere and goniophotometer

As well as we know that for the LED luminaires lumen test, the CIE121: 1966 Clause 6.1, CIE127-2007 Clause 6.2 and IES-LM-79-08 Clause 9.0 are mentioned two luminous flux test method: the first is adoption integrating sphere+photometer or spectrometer(recommend by CIE121: 1966 Clause 6.1.1, CIE127-2007 Clause 6.2.and IES-LM-79-08 Clause 9.0), this kind of test method is […]

Improve the accuracy of the LED flux testing in the Sphere

Abstract: According to the particularity of LED luminous flux measurement, unique optimization is adopted in the design of the integrating sphere for LED measurement combined with the diffuse materials of high reflectivity, which makes the system stability and accuracy have great improvement. The experimental results show that the system stability and consistency is much higher than other common […]

Types & Test Methods of Luminaires Goniophotometer

The most critical factor that affects the quality of lighting is the luminous distribution performance of lamps. Using scientific testing methods and selecting the appropriate test instrument is the basis of obtaining accurate luminous distribution properties of luminaires. The test of luminaires’ luminous distribution is an important part of luminaire design and lighting design for […]

EMI Measurement Application and Relative Test Standards

Along with the technical development, more and more digital and high speed electronic and electric devices are widely applied to vary industries. Those equipments push the society developing, and the same time they bring the electromagnetic pollution problem to the society. Electromagnetic pollution, water pollution and air pollution are the three big pollution sources for […]

The Lighting Product EMC Problem and Testing Technology

LEDs and LED luminaires with high light efficiency, longer lifetime, better energy saving and environmental friendly advantages to achieve top position on the lighting industry, like indoor and outdoor lighting application. With the introduction of various national support policies, there appeared many LED lighting products manufacturer, but the quality of LED lighting products is not […]

What are EMC tests?

With the widespread use of electrical and electronic equipment, the problem of electromagnetic disturbance has also brought electromagnetic pollution. EMC(Electro Magnetic Compatibility) refers to the ability of a device or system to operate within its electromagnetic environment without incurring unacceptable electromagnetic interference to any device in its environment. EMC testing, one the one hand refers […]