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Indian- Installation and training for Integrating Sphere Test System

LISUN engineers often visit India to do installation and training. The service is recognized by the customers here. This customer is a local famous laboratory. This time they purchased 1 set LPCE-2 (LMS-9000B ) High Precision Spectroradiometer Integrating Sphere System from LISUN. Below is the picture of customer and our engineer after the installation and training: […]

Columbia – Installation and training for Electrical Safety Tester

This is a large experimental institution in Colombia. They purchased ZRS-3H Glow-wire Test Apparatus, ZY-3 Needle Flame Test, TTC-1 Tracking Test Chamber, HVR-LS Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester and some other electrical safety testers from LISUN this time. They found LISUN through the website. The price of our equipment is higher than other companies’, but the materials used in our equipment are also […]

India- Maintenance for EMI Receiver System

This Indian customer purchased the EMI-9KB EMI Receiver System from LISUN last year. During the visit in India this time, our engineer went to the customer company for equipment  maintenance. Our engineer is very popular with the customer, and our after-sales service has been highly recognized by the customer. Below is a group photo of our […]

Chile- Installation and training for waterproof test equipment

This is a well-known local testing institution. Through investigation and comparison, they finally selected LISUN. Our equipment is completely in accordance with IEC standards, and after-sales service is guaranteed. They ordered the full set of IP waterproof test machine, which can test from level IPX1 to IPX8. When customer place the order, our engineer designed […]

Darkroom Design of goniophotometer

As the most important part of the lighting test, the main function of the goniophotometer is to measure the absolute luminous intensity. At the same time, it can measure other parameters such as lumen and illuminance. Because of the different testing principle, compared with the integrating sphere spectroradiometer system, the device is more suitable for the measurement of the […]

How to Use TM-21 to Estimate LED Luminaries Life?

LED has the features of long time. According to different power drivers and use conditions, the life of LED can be up to 50,000 hours pr more. LED will not extinguish directly like other light source but decay gradually. Therefore, luminous decay will lead to output low light after long time use, which will make products […]