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The difference between main optical names of LED

The difference between main optical names of LED LED luminaires are this kind of device which can transmit, distribute, and change the light distribution of light source. They are becoming the main products of a new generation of lighting market with its high efficiency, energy saving, safety, long service life, compact, and other technical characteristics. They […]

How to Solve the Stroboscopic Problem of LED Lighting?

“Bright blind” in life is an exaggerated description of some impact incidents, but if it is used for the LED lighting industry, then it is the quality problems of LED lamp itself. And “strobe” is likely the initiator to lead to “blind”. Many people are not very clear about the concept of strobe, and even […]

How to Test the Junction Temperature of LED?

We know that the life of LED is closely related to its junction temperature. The key to prolonging its life is to reduce its junction temperature. And the key to reduce the junction temperature is to have a good heat sink that able to exhaust the heat generated by LED in time. So, how to […]

The LED Driver RMS Value Measurement and Analysis

The LED Driver RMS Value Measurement and Analysis As we known the quality of LED lighting products depend on two points: One is LED chip(light source); Second is LED power driver. In the practice, there only have few company can provide qualified LED chip such as PHILIPS, OSRAM and CREE in the market. Generally, the […]

Color difference SDCM

Color difference SDCM Color difference is an important indicator of CFL color performance. Color difference is the difference between computer calculation forma and the target standard, calculated by single lighting source, the value is smaller, accuracy is higher. Please note, it only represents the compared color of a light source, it can not detect the deviation […]

We finished another customer’s Installation & training in Turkey

This is a big lighting company in Turkey. They purchase a set of LSG-1800BCCD High Precision Rotation Luminaire Goniospectroradiometer, EMI-9KA EMI Receiver System and LMS-6000 Portable CCD Spectroradiometer from LISUN this time. They are satisfied with our service and said there would be other projects in the near future. Below is photos of the installation & training: Lisun Instruments Limited […]

LMS-6000 Portable CCD Spectroradiometer to Test Lumen?

LMS-6000 Portable CCD Spectroradiometer to Test Lumen? With the rapid development of LED lighting market, the competition becomes more and more intense. So more and more LED lighting manufacturers began to focus on the quality of their products in order to gain a greater share in the market. Thus, LED lighting test instruments became the […]

3M Integrating Sphere Test Results Comparison

Lisun engineers visited Barcelona recently, this visit was mainly to install the 3m Integrating Sphere Test System for the customer and provide training service. This customer compared the test results of Lisun’s 3m Integrating Sphere Test System with the test results of Holophane(HEL) and LIA Laboratories. This customer provided 4 samples to the third lab. Compared with LIA Laboratories, our […]

Space Color Distribution Measurement

Space Color Distribution Measurement   Use Integrating Sphere Spectroradiometer System to test color parameters for light source and luminaries and use Goniophotometer System to test luminous intensity, which is the measurement for traditional light source and measurement.   Compare with traditional light source, the optoelectronic properties of LED light source are more complex, traditional light […]

ISO 17025

ISO 17025 ISO17025 is the international standard for laboratory accreditation services; the latest version is released in May, 2005. The full name of ISO/IEC17025:2005-5-15 is Accreditation Criteria for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. ISO17025 standard is the laboratory management standard formulated by the international Standardization Organization ISO/CASCO (Conformity Assessment Committee). Internationally the organization […]