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Characteristics and Applications of Different Type Spectrometer

According to CIE, EN and LM-79(Clause 9.1) etc standards, spectroradiometer integrating sphere system is used for all kinds of light source photometry parameters test. The following introduces Lisun several different spectrometers’ characteristics and applications briefly. LMS-9000A/LMS-9000B High precision CCD spectroradiometer. LMS-9000A is mainly used for LED light source test. Test datas meet the photo and […]

How to choose Integrating Sphere to measuring different lamps

The Spectrometer & Integrating Sphere System or Photometer & Integrating Sphere System, there’s have two important parts: One is measuring and analysis; another is assistant part which providing testing environmental. Here we will discuss the assistant part, we knew that the integrating sphere spherical aggregates, the inner wall of integrating sphere is coated with a […]

Color Difference SDCM

Color difference is an important indicator of CFL color performance. Color difference is the difference between computer calculation forma and the target standard, calculated by single lighting source, the value is smaller, accuracy is higher. Please note, it only represents the compared color of a light source, it can not detect the deviation under different […]

Electrical Safety Performance Test(Part 3)

3. Grounding resistance is the resistance when the current flows from the grounding device into earth, then through another grounding body or the resistant that encountered when spread to distant. It includes the resistance between the ground wire and the grounding body, the contact resistant between the grounding body and the earth and the earth […]

Electrical Safety Performance Test (Part 2)

2. The insulation resistance index of electrical equipment and electrical circuit. Insulation resistance refers to the resistance between the two separated conductors by insulating material. In order to ensure the safety of the electric equipment operation, it should propose a minimum requirement for the polarity between the conductive body or the insulation resistance between the […]

Electrical Safety Performance Test (Part 1)

The equipment for electrical safety performance test is in rapid development of modern science technology; all kinds of electrical and electronic equipment are into all fields of social life and become an important symbol of social civilization and progress.  All kinds of electrical appliances and electronic equipment are used in both urban and rural areas […]