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What is the Equipment Calibration

Definition 1: Link the response showing value of the instrument and the start signal with the real value measured by other methods. Definition 2: Under specified conditions, to determine the indicated value of the measuring system or instrument, or the values on behalf of material measure or reference materials, the relationship between value and the […]

Seven Elements Effects LED Spectrophotometric and Color Separation

Currently, our quality requirements for the LED is higher and higher, so we need testing on the LED. Following are seven elements that effect LED spectrophotometric and color separation: 1. The Chromaticity coordinates x, y step: for white or monochromatic light, chromaticity coordinates can be used to express in which LED area the LED is. […]

Static Electricity-One of The Biggest Reasons of Dead Lights

Static electricity is a kind of great harmful devil, the components damaged by electrostatic in the world are too many to count, resulting in tens of millions dollars economic losses.So to prevent electrostatic damaging electronic components is a very important work in electronic industry. Companies major in LED encapsulation and application must not treat it […]

The Relationship Between Color Temperature and Color Coordination

Usually, a color coordination corresponding to a color temperature while a color temperature corresponding to several color coordination. Namely, we can caculate the color temperature while we know the color coordination, but we can only know the isotherm in the opposite way. The isotherm means there are a lots of points corresponding to the same […]

The Basic Parameter of LED

There are three kinds of parameters of LED test, namely, photometric colormetric and electric parameters. Here let us have a look at some kinds of basic parameters of LED. 1.Luminous Intensity (IV) The luminous intensity is the luminous flux emitted by per solid angle unit, unit for the candle (Candela, CD). In general, the light […]

Basic Knowledge of LED Color Temperature

In the specifications of the LED products, an important data is the color temperature which is related to the displayed color features of the LED lighting products, generally, almost all of lamps and lanterns have the specification of the color temperature. Color temperature measurement unit is KelvinScale, namely K. In the beginning, Kelvin observed that […]

The Dimming Method

Generally speaking, there are three method of LED luminance adjustment that most useful, and all these three technical skill are based on the change of LED input drive current. The first one is to change the luminance by modulate LED drive current. Because the brightness of LED chip is in positive porsition with LED drive […]