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The LED total luminous flux measurement

As a new light source, LED compared with the traditional light source is very different in their structure and luminescence properties. Due to the LED itself since the absorption effect and integrating sphere inside block screen bring out measuring error, continue to use the traditional integrating sphere  for measuring leds luminous flux error is bigger. By […]

Select the LED light source from nine aspects

With the development of the market, as a consumer, choose LED is still should to be calm, scientific analysis, choose the best cost-effective light source and lamps and lanterns, the following introduce the basic performance of several kinds of LED: 1、Luminance:the Luminance of LED is different, the price is different.Used for LED lamps and lanterns, […]

LM – 80 luminous flux to maintain life prediction

LED as a new type of light source get rapid development in recent years, according to the national bureau of statistics data, the number of street lights around the country about 90 million lamps.If calculated on every street lamp 5000 yuan, the market scale will be close to 500 billion.Although LED lighting with energy saving, environmental […]

How to control the heat of LED

If you only use a simple bias resistance control drive current, VF will decrease with the temperature increasing, the drive current will increase. Especially for the high power LED, it will cause the thermal breakdown and the component failure. The common practice is to accelerate the thermal conductivity by installing the LED in the metal […]